Hi!  Thanks for visiting my little piece of the world!  My name is Ashley, and I am a mother of one, and wife to a wonderful man.  I strive to live my life as God would have me.  Life is never boring around the Kees household, and it certainly isn’t always easy, but I know that God walks with me daily.  I started this blog to simply share my thoughts, concerns, experiences, successes, failures, couponing, crafting, and everything else that goes on in my life.  I have a degree in English, but my true passion lies in caring for my family.  I love to read, and I am obsessed with all things Jane Austen.  As much as I am OCD, neat-freak, my home is never as cleaned and organized as I would like.  Maybe one day!  My family and I live in Pineville, Louisiana.  No, we do not live on a swamp (lol)…that’s only the southern most part of Louisiana.  Living in Louisiana can be an experience in itself.  Not that I’ve ever lived anywhere else, but our state is so full of culture, and every city is unique and different from the next.  Well, enough about me already!  Please feel free to post you comments, advice, thoughts and questions as you go.  I look forward to getting to know each of you!


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