Monthly Archives: October 2010

Secular/Morbid Halloween of Today


As you all may know, I posted concerning the ostentatious costumes presented for tweens and teens last Halloween.  I think it is pretty obvious that this trend has only continued.  This is evident if you enter any Halloween store.  These “sexy costumes” are thrown in your face from the moment you enter.  If you thought inappropriate costumes were bad, you should see the grotesque, morbid decorations that are being sold and displayed.  One large, well known Halloween store is decorated so grotesquely, I felt guilty for bringing in my toddler to pick out her costume.  I understand it is Halloween, and people love to use scary decorations, as well as be scared, but this was just too much.  There were headless characters crawling around moaning, bloody decor, and worst of all…scenes with dead, grotesque-looking infants playing on a play ground.  How morbid have we become?!  Have we lost all decency?  I was appalled!  That is simply unacceptable, and disgusting.  They also had someone walking around the store in costume, scaring the little kids half to death.  He was a terrible looking creature, roaming the children’s section.  What is wrong with people?!  Needless to say, I kept my child away from him, and let him know to keep his distance.  We quickly left the store, and you better believe I will not be back, nor will I be making purchases from this company.  What is the point of selling children’s costumes if parents can’t even bring their kids to pick out a costume?  Are people in society today brain-dead, or do they just not care?