Monthly Archives: August 2010

Actions vs Words


We have all heard the old saying, “actions speak louder than words”.  Is that true?…or does it depend?  It seems that maybe in terms of American politics, it just all depends.  I’ll provide you a few examples…before Obama was elected, he spoke “great” words.  However, many of his actions were questionable at best; yet America still voted him into office.  Apparently words over ruled actions for that specific time.  Then, our gulf endures tragedy.  The President and his family felt they needed to help, and let the world know we could still vacation along the gulf.  Heck, the gulf needs tourists to keep things running.  They encouraged everyone to vacation along the gulf, yet when they took a family vacation, they choose Maine.  Hhmmm….  Now critics are tearing apart Michelle because she took a vacation overseas knowing America’s economy is suffering.  So now all the sudden America thinks actions speak louder.  We just can’t seem to get on the same page between what we say, and what we do.  The same idea applies to public education today.  We want our schools to be the best, leaving no child behind because we want these kids to be their very best.  Yet our educators are strongly encouraged to give students grades, rather than students earning their grades because we need our schools to “look” good.  The public is told one thing, but the reality is something a little different is happening.