Monthly Archives: June 2010

New Orleans Trip


My family and I went back to visit good ole NOLA again in May. We did a weekend trip with our daughter this time. Before we went we booked a room at The Ambassador Hotel on The price was great, and we have booked with this site many times before. Unfortunately, however, when we got there I wanted to cry. First of all, its an old boutique hotel. This means really old with little to no updates. It was smelly, the floor was uneven and in rough condition in some areas, and the outlet in the bathroom was hanging out of the wall. To top it off there was a very loud, smoky bar just under us. None of this is suitable for a three year old. We immediately said no way, and found a new hotel. We were okay with paying double and losing the money we already paid in comparison to the idea of staying all weekend in such a rough place with our child. Lucky for us we got a room at the W. I know not many people are familiar with this hotel, but let me tell you….it is amazing. It was so nice and modern, very clean, and they have incredible service. The workers all make each guest feel like a celebrity, and they really try to get to know their guests. We will be staying at the W from now on, that’s for sure.

Now before we went to New Orleans we spent a night and day in Baton Rouge where we did some shopping, visited The Enchanted Doll Museum, and went to the zoo. We had a blast. The zoo was great; Riley Grace got to pet and feed a giraffe. It was really hot, with little shade, but we loved it.

In New Orleans we went to the Aquarium, Insectarium, Imax, and zoo. Riley Grace had so much fun. We let her get a prize from each place we visited, which was a total treat to her. Of course we did a little sight-seeing and shopping too. It was one hot, busy, but fun weekend. We made memories that will certainly last a lifetime.

I have come to love New Orleans and all its culture after visiting two years now. I encourage everyone to pay the city a visit and learn a little bit about us Louisianaians, and all the south has to offer. I also should remind everyone to please continue to pray for our gulf. The whole situation is terrible, and one way or another touches every person in Louisiana, and quite possibly the whole U.S.