Monthly Archives: May 2010



Sorry I haven’t posted in so long…life has been busy! Ok so we found a great home. God has really blessed us! This home had everything on our list and more. We love it! The process was stressful, and we had to fight to get this home, but we did it. We are slowing doing little updates to it. For example, we had a few trees cut, put up a new light fixture in the foyer, and starting digging up the old, dead plants in the yard. Homeowning is a huge responsibility, and a constant cost, but it is so rewarding. We have some great plans for our new home.

I also graduated with my B.A. in English the same weekend we bought and moved into our new home. I spent the first couple months home with my daughter. I loved it! I then began to sub and ended up taking a permanent sub position until the end of the year to get some teaching experience. I have really enjoyed it. I hope I van find a position for the fall, but with the cuts and hiring freeze in central Louisiana I’m a little worried I won’t. Unfortunately in this ares that’s about all my degree will get me. So we will see; we are definitely praying about it. If I don’t find anything I plan on subbing again and going back to school for an associates in nursing. So remember me in your prayers, I have lots of choices to make.

On a brighter note, my little girl made the big 3! I love her! Oh, and we recently got a puppy. She is a cutie!

Okay, so I know that was all over the place, but I needed a brief update. I think we are caught up. Stay tuned for job updates and postings about out summer adventures!