Monthly Archives: July 2010

New Job!!!


Well, I have some great news….I got a job!  I will be teaching at a local private school.  As of right now I will be teaching 5th grade.  I’m very excited!  However, I may be teaching English if they can pull it off.  Either way I don’t mind.  It’s a job, and another salary for our family.  So wish me luck and keep me in your prayers please.  If you have any advice….I would love for you to share.


A first right of passage


Let me just say “I am exhausted!”

Just moments ago we arrived home from our friends’ youngest son’s 1st birthday party.  It was ocean/underwater theme, with swimming and all.  The kids had a blast to say the least, which left the adults with little energy to spare.  Not to mention it was one hot Louisiana afternoon.

Seeing the birthday boy in his chair just eagerly waiting for his mini cake, I couldn’t help but think back to Riley Grace’s 1st birthday party, and how long ago that really was.  :0(   Kids grow up way too fast!  I can’t wait to have another baby…if God chooses to bless us with another.

Once I snapped back to reality, I began to think of what a major right of passage first birthdays are in our culture, as I ate my part of the octopus cupcake cake.  We throw elaborate, well planned parties that we have planned from that child’s first day of life in this big ole world.  A child’s first birthday is typically the biggest celebration in their life until they turn 16.  Even then at times, no other celebration even compares.  Parents work so hard, yet these babies have no memories of any of it.  Their only insight to that day comes from home videos and/or photos.  So is it really so important to go through so much trouble for a first birthday?  Well…of course!  Because the first birthday party isn’t just about the birthday; its a celebration for the family…a survival celebration.  You can finally say to the world, “We survived our first year, and our little baby is thriving!  We didn’t break him/her!”

So I say…keep on celebrating parents, and do it big.

Costume Hunt


So I think by now most everyone I know understands that I LOVE holidays.  Therefore in true mommy fashion I am already on the hunt for my daughter’s Halloween costume for this year.  If you haven’t picked up on yet, I’m the type that spends all year planning birthday parties, start purchasing Christmas gifts six months early, and begins the costume hunt in July.  Maybe it seems a little crazy, but I tend to save more money that way.  For example, we have 20 Christmas gifts to buy, not counting those between myself, my husband, and daughter, or Santa gifts…yet I have never spent over 560.00 total on Christmas gifts.  I shop the sales year round, saving big bucks; and we give great gifts, not five dollar watches from the dollar store.  Now, I’m not knocking those types of gifts…I’m just saying we purchase good, high quality gifts for people.  So this is why I’m looking for a Halloween costume so early, not to mention there are SOO many choices.

Any ideas?

Happy 4th America


Well, to all of our soldiers and those before….thank you! What you do for us is incredibly selfless. To all you Americans…I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July.

Freedom is such an incredible thing, and truely priceless. I mean others risk their lives to get to America for freedom. Some legally, and others illegally, but all for freedom. Freedom is such an important thing to our nation that we have a day dedicated to its celebration. That being said, I have to say I find it a little ironic that we are celebrating the one thing that is slowly being stripped away from us. I don’t get how freedom can be so important to a nation, yet we vote the one single most important political seat to someone who can’t wait to take our freedom?! Hhmmm….

I just pray that God gives America a miracle, and shows our leaders the way to truth.

Let these years be your wake up call America.