Monthly Archives: April 2011

Saving Money Costs Less


Obviously my goal is to be a stay-at-home wife and mother.  In order for this to work (on my husband’s teaching salary), we need to become very frugal and money-wise.  I started by cutting coupons and trying to plan my meals around what is on sale at the market.  I try to combine as many sales with coupons as possible to really get the full worth from my coupon cutting.  No, don’t worry…I haven’t gone extreme…yet.  But seriously, I save a lot of money by buying bulk every couple of months, and doing major coupon shopping.  We have also switched cell providers recently.  We were paying almost $200/month for 2 cell phones….CRAZY!!  Lucky for us, we found a provider that offered an upfront, simply and honest monthly plan that costs about as much as a pay as you go phone.  We also plan to switch our health insurance plan from PPO to HMO in a few months.  Shockingly, with my husband’s plan, the HMO is way better than the PPO…who’d a thunk it?!  On top of that I will know be making our own laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, greeting cards, and Halloween costumes.  I will also be doing my daughter and husband’s haircuts.  I cut my daughter’s hair for the very first time tonight.  It actually didn’t come out too bad.  At first I was very nervous, and slightly afraid, but we made it out okay in the end.  Luckily she had just gotter her hair cut a few months ago, so it was only a trim.  So as you can tell, I fully intend to cut every corner possible.  I even make a lot of the gifts we give people.  I do things like glass etching, stamping coasters, wall art, bow holders, tote bags, aprons, wreaths, garland, and lot of other little crafty things.  I hope to help bring in some extra money by doing tutoring when I can, selling some of my products at a local vendor’s market, and doing cookie cakes, cupcakes, etc. during holidays.  Hopefully all of these things and more can help our family live the life we feel led to, without living terribly poor lives.  I am also encouraging my husband to go down on our television programming package.  We have way more channels than any family needs.  Heck, we lived without t.v. altogether for a couple years!  So this in a nutshell is our family plan to cut the costs of living, save money, become debt free, and live happy, healthy lives.  If anyone else out there has any suggestions/tips on finding ways to save money….please do share!