Monthly Archives: November 2009

Adventures of house hunting


My family and I are first time home buyers.  We officially started the process of house hunting about 2 weeks ago now.  So far we have seen around 10 homes (on the inside).  Before we officially began looking we checked out at least 80 via drive by and online.  It can really be a scary process for newbies like ourselves.  So far we have found one home that we just love, that hasn’t gone under contract yet.  We can’t seem to get it off of our minds so we are going to try to check it out again, and possibly put a bid in on it.  Crazy!  Owning a home is huge financial commitment, but renting is such a waste of money in my opinion.  I have been praying hard that God would put us in the home he wants for us.  We are doing our best to follow our hearts after what he wants for our family.  Justin tends to think that I am a bit picky when it comes to a home, but I just feel that I know what we need in a home in order to grow and thrive as a family.  Aside from having a family, this is the biggest thing I have done yet in my life.  It is fun, exciting, scary, and insightful all at the same time.  We have seen some terrible homes, and we have some wonderful homes.  It will be interesting to see what we end up with.  I watch HGTV all the time, so I have picked up a lot of little tips on real estate and home buying.  I have also been doing my share of research on the topic as well.  I think by the time we complete this whole process I will be able to pass that real estate exam myself…lol.  I’ll keep ya’ll updated on things!  Say a prayer for us and our future home…and