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Lessons of a Mom


Being a mother is one of the most…okay, probably THE most incredible and exciting job blessing that God has ever given me.  I learn something new all the time.  Be it from other kids, other moms, my mom, myself, or God, I am always learning.  Most recently I have learned that no matter what, we should always be thankful for our children.  Children are a true blessing from God.  He tells us this numerous times in the bible.

So many times parents complain about their kids.  They talk about how rude or disrespectful they are, or how lazy they are, etc., etc.  Why?  No one is perfect.  We as parents are not perfect, so why do so many parents want to bad mouth their kids to other people.  If there are things we want to change in our homes, or habits we want our kids to kick, we need to teach them, lead them, and guide them.  We should be working to correct these things in a positive manner.  If we are bad mouthing our children publicly, what are we teaching them?  What message are we sending them?  This is really something to think about.  As bad as you may have it with your kids, I promise there is always someone who has it worse.  Maybe your kids are rude, selfish, and lazy.  Okay, so work with them on it!  Try and teach them better.  These are things that can be corrected.  Some parents have a drug addicted teenager, or a child in prison…I could go on and on.  So let’s vow to be thankful for our children and try our hardest to deal with issues privately at home, rather than talking bad about them to other people.  Venting to others can often make us feel better, and we tend to think it is a way to reach out to others for advice, but it isn’t.  There are better ways to deal with whatever issues you may be having.  It is important to remember that your child is a person too, and he/she has feelings.  How do you think it makes them feel to hear you, the person they trust and love unconditionally, talk badly about them?  …Just a little food for thought!

Thanks for letting me share with you!  It  is an issue that God has put on my heart, and I felt I needed to share.

God Bless!