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I know, I know…where have I been?!  lol  It has been a little busy around the Kees household this week I guess.  I wanted to share with you that I had my first MOPS meeting yesterday since I’ve been back home.  Man, was it good to be back!  The ladies were equally as thrilled to have me back, which was a very warm welcoming.  I was soo happy to see all the ladies again!  I have missed them dearly!  I am finally getting back to being me again, which is so nice.  I was really starting to miss me.  I know that sounds a little silly, but it’s true.  If you’ve ever experienced what I went through after going to work, and not being myself and feeling sad/mad/depressed all the time, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  So it is nice to feel alive and happy again!

If you are a mother to young children, I encourage you to check around and see there is a MOPS group in your area.  It is such a wonderful ministry for women.  I love being able to serve on the steering team and minister to these fellow mommies and wives.  Even if you are an older woman, with grown children, MOPS groups always need mentors.  What a great opportunity for you to minister to young moms, to help guide them and support them.  You don’t have to know it all, or be a Mother Theresa…you just have to have a loving heart and a willingness to share your life and advice with young mothers.  Women’s ministry is very near and dear to my heart, and there is always such a need for it in all areas of the world.

Are you a member or mentor of a MOPS group?  If so, where at?  I would love to hear from you, and hear about your MOPS experiences.  I would love the opportunity to pray for your group!