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Like a long-lost friend!


I got out to pound a little pavement this morning!  It has been quite a while since I’ve done that.  It was like reconnecting with a long-lost friend!   It felt great, even though I wasn’t able to run like I use to.  Just another reason for me to get back to it, by the way.  I have such a hard time finding the motivation to run on a regular basis, but when I do go for a run, I love it and I’m so glad I do it.  What is the deal?  Anyone else out there struggle with this?  I’m sure if I could make it a habit I would have no issue with this, but the problem is getting to the point where this is a habit.   All advice is welcome!

Oh, before I run off, I have to mention that tomorrow will be my first field trip with my little pre-k’er.  I know, “it’s the end of the year and this is your first field trip with her?” is what you’re thinking.  But I worked the first half of the school year, and my husband went on all of them.  This is the first trip since I’ve been back home.  And let me just tell you, I am super excited!


How We Found Love


Since today is Valentine’s Day (Happy Valentine’s Day!), I wanted to share a little bit of our story with you and tell you about how my husband and I found love.

It all started in 2005.  Scratch that!  It actually started long before that.  My husband, Justin, was best friends with my cousin from a very young age.  All during high school every time Justin would go over to my cousin, Brandon’s house, he would ask about me when seeing my photo on their fridge.  Each time my cousin would tell him to forget about it because I was dating someone else.  (Keep in mind everything I am telling you I did not know until after we began dating.)  For my 16th birthday, my best friend and I had a joint party at a place near my house.  Brandon had actually invited Justin to go to my party with him, but Justin had to help his dad with yard work.  Well, turns out Justin lived right across the street from where the party was held, which was also about 1 mile from my house.  I had to pass his house every single day going into town for work, and coming home.  (Not to mention the fact that Justin worked at the feed store where my dad bought his dog food and supplies, so he talked to Justin all the time.) Brandon also dated my best friend, Bridgette, who had met Justin before because Brandon and Justin were inseparable.  The summer after my senior year of high school I had plans to go to dinner and a movie with a guy I was talking with and Brandon.  Brandon picked me up, but the other guy couldn’t go because his truck wouldn’t start.  So, Brandon asked if he could invite Justin to go when we passed him on the highway.  I said sure!  Justin had just gotten home from working out and said he would meet us at the restaurant.  That is how I first met my wonderful husband!  It took long enough, huh.

After that night I never heard from Justin, or really thought a whole lot about him.  In August of 2005, I headed off to Monroe, La for college at ULM.  Brandon went to school there and lived with a couple of friends.  My BFF Bridgette was also going to ULM with me.  One afternoon I was at Brandon’s apartment.  He had to go to class, so I was with our friends/his roommates when Justin IM’ed Brandon.  My friend heard the ‘bing’, and saw it was Justin.  They decided they didn’t really know Justin well enough to talk to him, and told me to talk to him and tell him Brandon was in class.  So…I did.  We also talked about a lot of other stuff, like how I liked school, and how he was home having just had his wisdom teeth out, etc.  That started it all.  Not long after he began IM’ing me everyday, and then asked me out on our first date, which I will tell you about another day.

I’d say it is pretty obvious that God knew what he was doing LONG before anyone else ever had a clue!

New Smoothie!


Okay, I’ve been doing smoothies for some of my meals, and here is one I did for breakfast today.

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Makes: 1 servings View Nutrition Facts


  • 10 ounces skim milk or plain soy milk
  • 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
  • 1 medium banana


In a blender, combine all ingredients and mix until smooth. Use 6 ice cubes for a thicker consistency.


Let me just tell you, this is AMAZING!  How can something so simple taste so good!?

Have a blessed day!



I guess I have officially entered the fabulous life on the web…lol.  I joined Twitter!  Yes, I know…I know…it is nothing new and it is about time.  What can I say?  I’m like a crock pot…slow to warm up.  I needed some time (okay, a lot of time) to get to know the twitter world and think about my life with twitter.  Well, I finally just jumped in with both feet, and I’m feeling pretty twitterific today!  So…head on over to twitter and hit me up (Ashley P. Kees).

Have a blessed day!

Back to Business!


Sorry I’ve been away so long.  My sister gets married on March 31st, so wedding planning, shower planning, etc. is in full swing.  I’m working on stuff for her wedding shower and bridal shower, as well getting ready for 5th birthday party next month.  So yes, lots of activities around this household.  On top of that, my daughter as a Valentine’s day party at school we are preparing for, as well as a Mardi Gra parade, and 100th day of school celebration.  It is like a 3 ring circus in the Kees home.  lol…but we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Oh…and I’m making a birthday cake tomorrow for my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner tomorrow night.  Whew!!

Enough about all that…I wanted to update ya’ll and let you know that I have jumped back on the weight loss train.  I bailed a few months back, but last week I caught up with it and got on.  So far I have lost 3 pounds.  I hope to add another 5lbs to that loss after this week.  I’m eating as clean as I possibly can.  Lots of veggies, salads, fruits, whole grain, and smoothies.  I am also really working on portion control, because I think that is my biggest struggle…mainly due to the fact that I east so stinking fast.  So in addition, I am learning to slow down and enjoy my food.  I am also doing some strengthening/cardio workouts at least 5 days a week.  Hopefully I will get my muscle back and get back to running again soon.  I can definitely feel myself getting stronger already, which is great.  I really need to see/feel some quick progress to really be able to stay 100% motivated, so it is so nice to have that.  I hope to be healthy, strong, and lean by the end of all of this.  So what are your health and fitness routines?  What do you do to lose weight?  What do eat?  I love getting some insight and advice from others, so please, chime in!

Thanks for reading & God Bless!

Dogs for sale!!


Here at the Kees household, we have two dogs.  One is a black lab, Jake, and the other is a Dachshund, Ginger.  Ginger is mostly an inside dog, but a real hunter at heart.  Jake is mostly an outside dog, but a real baby at heart.  Go figure!  Yesterday, after I had gotten the house clean, twice did my husband open the french doors off the living room to tell me something and Jake ran in the house.  It had just started raining and Jake had managed to escape from his pen.  The first time he jumped up on our tan, cloth sectional.  My husband quickly grabbed him up and ran outside.  He knew they both were in trouble.  (LOL)  I was not so happy to say the least, but I cleaned the couch and luckily all the mud came out.  The rain slacked up so my husband went back to the work he was doing in the yard.  After a little while he came to the door again to have me put his wedding ring so he wouldn’t lose it while working.  About that time, Jake ran past his legs, through the living room and into the kitchen….mud and all.  So, off ran my husband in his muddy boots, through the living room and into the kitchen where proceeded to dive after the dog, falling on his face and missing the dog.  He nor the dog were able to get much traction with all the mud.  As they rounded the corner toward the dining room, my husband took another dive, again missing the dog.  I, at this time, was patiently waiting between the living room and foyer for Jake to make his appearance.  I was furious!  As he came around the corner, I threw him toward the living room doors, rushed over to open the door, and picked up the dog and threw him out.  My husband did not make a sound.  I turned to walk into the kitchen and there I saw the HUGE, muddy mess.  I think about this time my head levitated off my shoulders, started spinning, and smoke came out.  Okay, so maybe not really, but I’m sure that is what it looked like to my husband.  I immediately started yelling something about getting rid of the dog THAT day.  My husband nodded his head, and walked outside, without speaking a word.  I was so mad, my heart was racing and I couldn’t even think straight.  I went straight into our bathroom and cried.  After about five  minutes of crying I washed my face and faced the mess.  I wiped up the mud from the floors, swept, and mopped.  I was not happy, but what else was I going to do.  If that isn’t enough for you, this morning at some point after we left for church, Ginger, who usually stays in the laundry room while we are gone, got lose in the house.  We did a frantic search in the house looking for her.  She was not anywhere!  Finally, my daughter heard her crying.  She had managed to shut herself in my daughter’s room.  When my husband opened the bedroom door, I could immediately smell it…poop!  She had pooped all over the floor, on a blanket, toys, and a stuffed animal.  She had tracked it everywhere!  Once again I was not happy!  As a mother, I can deal with a lot of nasty, but I do NOT do dog poop!  My wonderful husband cleaned it up, deodorized, lysoled  the place, and mopped the floor.  It was pretty nasty, so I am very thankful that he did that for me.  So needless to say, after this weekend of events, I was ready to sell the dogs.  Even my daughter agreed with me!  (LOL)  However, I don’t think we will be getting rid of them anytime soon.  If we do, it will be Jake simply because my husband doesn’t have the time for him.  I guess pets can be a lot like kids, even though they do really nasty, bad things…we still care for them…and don’t get rid of them (LOL).

As strange as it may seem, I think there was lesson in this weekend’s events.  It was a way for God to show me that having a clean and neat house is not always the priority, and I should not find my self-worth in that.  That was a hard lesson for me, but I got it!  God knows me too well!  He knew it would take a tough lesson to teach an OCD, control-freak like me something so important.  I encourage you to try to find the lesson in the day-to-day struggles…even when you are really mad, and it’s really hard.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Running Update!


I am soo sorry!!!!!

I know I have not updated you guys in forever.  I’m really sorry about that.  Its been crazy!  My kid was sick, and I’ve been sick, and our schedule has been a bit crazy.

Anyhow, I had my first 5k on Saturday in Ruston, La.  It was super hard between the hills, the heat, and being sick.  However, I finished and didn’t come in last!  Those were my top goals!  My time was 52:12.  That def. is not good, but at least I did it.  I am back into the training.  My goal is to be able to run 3 miles by the time we leave for vacation on July 30th.  I think I can do that!  Again, the weight loss isn’t going so well.  I think I’m going to have to buff up the diet.  I really would like to lose some more weight before vacation.  Any advice is welcome btw!!

Love ya & keep on runnin’

C25K Week 4 Day 3


As you see from the title, we only got 3 days in this week.  On Wednesday M was feeling under the weather, and I honestly didn’t have the motivation at 4am to get up and go alone.  However, I did get my husband out with me that evening for a mile and a half.  He walked, I ran a little.  It was better than nothing.  Wednesday night we had some icky weather which kept us up with the dogs until after 1:00am, so by the time we got the dogs back out, in bed and asleep, it was a good 2:00am.  By this point I wasn’t feeling hot and was super tired, so Thursday was a no go.  This morning however, we started our run with prayer.  What an awesome way to start the morning!  We were able to run every bit that the program calls for!  That means we ran 1/2 mile without stopping!  I’m so proud of us!  That 1/2 mile was the 5 minute stint, which we did again at the end.  In total we ran 16 minutes – 20 minutes, which was equal to about 2 miles.  Isn’t that great!!  For the first 5 minutes of running, we started going up a hill with a slight, steady incline.  It is so tough, but I was determined to do it!  The whole way up that hill I prayed, and thanked God for many things.  With every step, I praised him!  I thanked him for family members, for having M to run with and push me, for having the ability to run, for having such support from friends and family, for having the motivation and desire to get healthy, for having the motivation to get up every morning at 4:30am….I just spent that time praising Him!  It helped me and empowered me so much!  It was nice to have my mind on something other than, “when is 5 minutes going to be up?!” for once.   Now the numbers on the scale are at a standstill again this week, but I can hear God telling me not to worry about the number.  If I become worried about numbers, like weight and size, I will become obsessed, which will result in me using unhealthy methods to get the numbers down.  I know that, and God knows that.  And I know that does not please God, and it does not lift Him up in any way.  As long as I am working hard, and getting my body healthy, that is all that matters.  I will continue to check my weight because this does give me an idea of what my body is doing, as well as some extra motivation, but I most def. can’t make this all about the numbers, and for once in my life….I’m okay with that.  I know that God will continue to reveal things to me, and motivate me, and work in and through me.

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!  Thanks for reading!  On to Week 5 on Monday!

C25K Week 4 Day 2


This morning’s run was slightly easier overall than yesterday’s, and we were able to run more than we had.  Now, that last 5 minute stint about killed me.  It was really tough!  Surely it will be a little easier tomorrow morning.  They are predicting rain for us here on Thursday, so I fear that we may miss a day of running this week.  This morning during our run, one of my neighbors came out for an early morning run as well.  She usually runs in the afternoons, but said with it getting so hot, she thought she might do better going in the mornings.  She told us that she just ran her first marathon in Feb. and that she is involved in a running group.  A running group sounds great, but we aren’t quite ready for something like that.  She was thrilled to see someone else out training like herself, and said we were def. doing it right.  That was nice to hear, because lets face it, sometimes we really doubt ourselves and what we are doing, esp. when it comes to running.  Sometimes I wonder if this program will really work for me and if I will ever work up to where I want to be.  So needless to say, her words were very comforting and encouraging for me.  The 5k my husband and I hope to run is in about a month.  I hope I can do it!  Then I would like to continue training to run the Mardi Gra Marathon with a friend of mine who is also training right now.  Of course I will keep everyone updated on it all.  Let’s just hope that my weight loss picks up this week!

67 days until Panama City Beach, FL!!