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New Smoothie!


Okay, I’ve been doing smoothies for some of my meals, and here is one I did for breakfast today.

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Makes: 1 servings View Nutrition Facts


  • 10 ounces skim milk or plain soy milk
  • 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
  • 1 medium banana


In a blender, combine all ingredients and mix until smooth. Use 6 ice cubes for a thicker consistency.


Let me just tell you, this is AMAZING!  How can something so simple taste so good!?

Have a blessed day!


Back to Business!


Sorry I’ve been away so long.  My sister gets married on March 31st, so wedding planning, shower planning, etc. is in full swing.  I’m working on stuff for her wedding shower and bridal shower, as well getting ready for 5th birthday party next month.  So yes, lots of activities around this household.  On top of that, my daughter as a Valentine’s day party at school we are preparing for, as well as a Mardi Gra parade, and 100th day of school celebration.  It is like a 3 ring circus in the Kees home.  lol…but we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Oh…and I’m making a birthday cake tomorrow for my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner tomorrow night.  Whew!!

Enough about all that…I wanted to update ya’ll and let you know that I have jumped back on the weight loss train.  I bailed a few months back, but last week I caught up with it and got on.  So far I have lost 3 pounds.  I hope to add another 5lbs to that loss after this week.  I’m eating as clean as I possibly can.  Lots of veggies, salads, fruits, whole grain, and smoothies.  I am also really working on portion control, because I think that is my biggest struggle…mainly due to the fact that I east so stinking fast.  So in addition, I am learning to slow down and enjoy my food.  I am also doing some strengthening/cardio workouts at least 5 days a week.  Hopefully I will get my muscle back and get back to running again soon.  I can definitely feel myself getting stronger already, which is great.  I really need to see/feel some quick progress to really be able to stay 100% motivated, so it is so nice to have that.  I hope to be healthy, strong, and lean by the end of all of this.  So what are your health and fitness routines?  What do you do to lose weight?  What do eat?  I love getting some insight and advice from others, so please, chime in!

Thanks for reading & God Bless!



My husband and I have a daughter, Riley Grace, who is 4 years old.  She will be 5 in March.  We have been trying to have another baby since she was 2 years old.  Recently we have really been trying hard to get pregnant.  This morning I tested negative as usual, so I’m feeling really down today.  We can’t afford fertility treatments or adoption, but we are getting really tired of trying and being disappointed over and over.  I never imagined I would have problems getting pregnant.  Heck, the first one was a HUGE surprise, and we obviously had no problem getting pregnant with her…lol.  Even my doctor can’t really give me a good answer.  The only thing he thinks it could be is a biochemical form of PCOS.  Fabulous, right!  Not!!  I’ve had so many appointments and tests, and ultrasounds to try and solve this mystery.  Unfortunately we still don’t have any real answers.  So today is a not so good day.  I can’t help but think that maybe it isn’t God’s will for us to have any more kids.  But I can’t find peace with that…I’m only 24.  I’ve wanted a lot of kids since I was a little girl…no matter what, I always new I wanted to be a mom with a big family.  But maybe it isn’t in the cards for us….

A little scare…but we’re okay!


My daughter has a condition called HSP.  It was diagnosed about 3-4 months ago after I noticed lots of bruising on her legs that weren’t going away.  Luckily the blood tests came back normal, so the Dr. knew it was HSP.  We have been to tons of visits and to a specialist.  We do monthly urinalysis exams for our specialist, and have to keep up with her blood pressure.  It’s a lot!  It is a condition that begins to effect the kidneys, which is why she has had blood and protein in her urine.  It can eventually lead to kidney failure if it progresses that far, but usually doesn’t.  This week my daughter has been experiencing some other issues that can often be a symptom of the condition.  So I have spent my day in the doctor’s office getting checked out and doing labs.  Luckily the doctor said it just seems to be coincidence that she must have picked up a bug because her labs actually came back looking better than they had in the past.  We were pretty worried at first, but what a blessing for us to know that her condition is improving…at least for now.  This will eventually go away sometime within the year.  It’s just a waiting game really.  So for now we will just be taking some probiotics, and keep on doing our monthly lab work until further notice.

Thanks for reading!  God Bless!

C25K Week 3 Day 1


Oh-my-word!!!  This morning’s run was sooo hard!  I’ve been having shin splints pretty bad; mainly due to my super flat feet.  So this morning I decided rather than running in my usual Nike Flywires, I’d give my Nike Shocks a try.  Whoa…big…HUGE mistake!!  They were so heavy on my feet.  They made my legs her 10x more than the others had been.  So needless to say, I need to go to a running a store and let them tell me which shoes I need to be wearing.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on this, and have determined that I would do best with motion stability running shoes.  However, there are about a thousand different ones to choose from out there.  It is insane!  Not to mention that I don’t have $150 to go spend on a pair of shoes at the moment.  So…until then it looks like I’ll be making due with what I have, and lets pray the pain subsides sooner, rather than later. 

On a happier note, we ran almost 1/2 mile without stopping this morming.  That is our farthest yet!  I’m betting I could have done the whole thing if it wouldn’t have been for the terrible pain I was in.  It was rough; I just wanted to cry, but I pushed on through it.  Naturally though it was a slow push.  I am very hopeful that tomorrow morning goes much better.  Even so, I have lost 9lbs so fare!  I’m so thrilled!  My goal was to be at 10lbs lost by now, but that’s okay.

We have Peach Festival 5K coming in June, and I just hope that I can do it.  I’m honestly quite worried that I won’t have lost enough weight to be where I want by then.  You see, in order for the running to really get easier for me, I need to drop some pounds….some serious pounds preferably.  I would like to be able to run most of the 5K when it comes time.  Which being my first 5K, my goals are 1. to finish, 2. to not finish last, and 3. to run it in less than 40-42 minutes.  All I can do is keep working hard and praying hard I guess.

Have a blessed day!!!!

C25K End of Week 1


I have officially completed week 1 of the couch to 5k program.  Woo Hoo!  I worked out 5 days (Monday thru Friday), and when I weighed after my run this morning I weighed 3lbs less.  How awesome is that!  As thrilled as I am with what I have accomplished this week, I have so far to go I find myself doubting whether or not I can do it.  This morning’s workout was certainly one of those times.  See, on Thursday I began to experience shin splints.  This morning they were killing me after only 3/4 mile in.  I couldn’t help but think that I couldn’t do it, that I couldn’t walk anymore, much less run.  And if I couldn’t do it, I would just fall behind and be unable to really become a runner, and then I wouldn’t lose the weight, which would mean I would never see myself having a body again, rather than the blob I am.  All of these negative thoughts were pouring out.  I immediately felt God telling me to keep going, and shut off that little devil on my shoulder.  So I did.  I began recalling bible verses in which God encourages us to keep going, even when things are really hard, and how when the flesh is made weak, the spirit is make stronger.  God flooded my mind with positive and encouraging words.  I realized that this morning, God wanted to see what I was made of.  He wanted to see if I would rely on him and push through the pain, and just finish what I had set out to do at 5am.  And guess what….I did!  I’m sore again today, and my legs hurt, but that’s okay with me.  I know it will get better eventually.  At the end of our run, I mentioned how today was the first day this week that I actually struggled to get up. (Which is a big deal for me because I’m not a morning person at all!)  That struggle to get out of bed is what first told me that I would struggle today.  And boy did I!  Turns out though, my sister and stepmom felt the same way this morning.  It was hard for them too, but we all pushed through it together and finished.  Now our mom kinda showed us up (lol), but I’m so proud of her.  She ran more today (as in running without stopping) then she has so far…and she is in her 40’s.  Props to her!  I am so proud of her for that!  Especially when I think that I’m 23 and struggling just to run because of my weight, yet here she is running like a pro.  What a wonderful example she sets for us!

We’ve planned on doing this running Monday through Friday each week, and taking off on the weekend.  That sounded great, but now I’m tempted to do it myself on weekends too.  I mean lets be honest, I need more work than they do, so doing the extra workouts might would help me to improve so that I can keep up with their pace and progress.  I just  am worried that I won’t be able to push myself as hard as when we all do it together.  We will see I guess.  I know my body needs rest, but I really want to be disciplined in this.  Maybe I’ll see if the hubby is willing to do some running.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that one.  

I’d like to just give a quick shout out to all the moms out there….I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, you deserve it.   Happy Mother’s Day!

Journey to become a runner


Here in good ole Louisiana we had some rain last night, and early this morning.  Therefore, we did not get to go for our morning run.  I wasn’t exactly devastated by that considering I’m sick and very, very sore today.  It was nice to get to sleep in late this morning, but I knew I needed to get out and run.  I put my daughter in the stroller, all bundled up (seeing as how it was like 59 degrees here this morning), and took off.  It didn’t take long for me to feel the burn.  Needless to say, I didn’t do so hot.  I only made a mile, which resulted in me running about half of it total.  I was pretty disappointed, but realized it is very important for me to stay positive.  I mean it is only day 2 on this journey.  Later in the day I decided to do a little indoor walking workout to help supplement what I had lost this morning.  That seemed to help give me a little boost, and like my husband said, what I did was better than doing nothing.  That is so true!  I never thought about it like that before, but even the shortest, low intensity workout is always better than no workout.  I continue to pray that the Lord give me strength, knowledge, self-control, determination, and power to do this.  Although most days I want to cry when I look in the mirror, I know God gave me these struggles for a reason.  I know that if I draw near to him, rely on him, and just hang in there, I will make it through. 

I think it is important you know that I have lost weight before.  In high school I lost 35 pounds in just a few months.  So I know it can be done.  Of course it was much easier then; I was playing sports, had no real responsibilities, and healthy meals prepared for me daily.  Today it is a little more difficult with a family of my own, a busy schedule, and a lot me weight to shed this go around.  Some days I am very positive and it is easy to workout and eat right, and some days I really struggle.  Some days I just want to give in and say I’ll be fat and just learn to love who I am, just the way I am.  Then it’s like God says “Whoa!” and I realize that is so silly and weak.  I am not healthy, and this truely has nothing to do with me.  This journey is about getting healthy for my family and for my future health, as well as being a worthy temple for the presence of the Lord to dwell within.  Yes, this is hard.  It is very hard.  But I’m reminded that anything worth having/achieving in life does not come easily.  It’s like being a Christian; it is so hard to give up our old ways and relinquish control to God, and once we do follow him, it is even harder to live out the day to day struggles.  Even as Christians, we are only human and deal with the same temptations and problems as everyone else.  Every day we have to choose to say yes to God.  We have to choose to give up wordly things and do what honors God.  We have to choose to carry on our relationship with him.  We have to choose to sacrifice things for Him.  We have to choose what kind of life and what kind of example we will be for others.  It is all about choices, and the right choices don’t mean they’re easy choices.