Finding Peace


I wanted to get this post out quick, while this is fresh in my mind.  I’m not going to give all the details of the story behind the lesson just yet, but I will soon.  I learned something BIG from God this week.  You see, I have not felt peace or comfort for the past nine months.  It has nothing to do with God not being there, or me turning away from God, because the truth is I have been praying at the feet of God everyday for nine whole months.  No matter what I had done, changed, said, prayed, etc., I still did not have peace.  I knew something was not right.  God was trying to work, but so was I.  In order for God to work, we absolutely have to let go, and STOP working!  God always provides, but we have to realize it is on his terms, in his time.  Finally, I let go and God immediately began working.  If we want peace, we have to have unconditional faith.  We have to trust that God has our backs.  You will never be able to hear God’s calling for you life if you don’t get out of your own head, and stop telling yourself how to handle it all.  After nine, VERY long months, I finally shut up and let go, and now I have incredible peace dwelling within me.  Are all of our problems solved now?  No way!  Might we have more problems in the near future due to our stepping out in faith the way we did?  Maybe.  But you see…it isn’t about the worry or the unknown…it’s about the faith.  Every time I finally decide to pull my control-freak self back, and let God take over, he teaches me something.  This lesson is something that every Christian has heard at least a million times during their life, but for me, I needed to hear it from God.

Have a Blessed Day!


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