My husband and I have a daughter, Riley Grace, who is 4 years old.  She will be 5 in March.  We have been trying to have another baby since she was 2 years old.  Recently we have really been trying hard to get pregnant.  This morning I tested negative as usual, so I’m feeling really down today.  We can’t afford fertility treatments or adoption, but we are getting really tired of trying and being disappointed over and over.  I never imagined I would have problems getting pregnant.  Heck, the first one was a HUGE surprise, and we obviously had no problem getting pregnant with her…lol.  Even my doctor can’t really give me a good answer.  The only thing he thinks it could be is a biochemical form of PCOS.  Fabulous, right!  Not!!  I’ve had so many appointments and tests, and ultrasounds to try and solve this mystery.  Unfortunately we still don’t have any real answers.  So today is a not so good day.  I can’t help but think that maybe it isn’t God’s will for us to have any more kids.  But I can’t find peace with that…I’m only 24.  I’ve wanted a lot of kids since I was a little girl…no matter what, I always new I wanted to be a mom with a big family.  But maybe it isn’t in the cards for us….


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  1. I think you have already been blessed to have your husband and daughter; you never know, maybe down the road you can try again. Good luck with everything and I look forward to sharing more with you:))


    • Yes, please don’t get me wrong…I am more that blessed and grateful for my husband, and the incredible daughter that I have. I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

      Thanks so much!

  2. I have 5 children, who all came pretty quickly after we decided each time to add to our family, except baby #4 who, unlike her siblings, took 2 years of trying. I tell myself that God’s timing is perfect and we can take comfort in that! Oh, by the way…….you were the WINNER of the Brighton Park Blogger giveaway! go the the blog and read the winner post! and send me your address and full name to homeschoolfam@gmail.com!!!!~~Congrats~ Katie

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