Girls Have Attitude!


Obviously girls have attitude…right?  Well, where exactly do we get this attitude?  Is it genetically passed down, is it a learned behavior, a coping skill, or are we just born with it?  I have to be honest, here…I have no idea!  I certaily wish I did know, because boy does my daughter have attitude.  My instinct as a mother tells me that attitude is a learned behavior.  I’ve noticed that since my daughter has started going to school, the attitude has sky rocketed.  Is this normal in your home?  This has got to be the most trying thing for me because I worked 4 years to raise my daughter to be a sweet, caring, polite individual.  Within five months it seems as if she has been invaded by some sort of alien almost.  She has been home for the holiday break for two weeks now.  The first week home was rough trying to break the attitude that was being thrown all over the place.  This week we have just about gained our daughter back (lol).  However, I fear a true relapse coming on as she heads back to school next week.  I’m trying to encourage her daily and pray for her daily, but it is so hard not to worry about the things she is learning from her peers at school.  That is by no means who I want my daughter to be.  I’m guessing this is a pretty normal struggle for parents, but I honestly did not foresee us facing this at the age of four.  Let me know if you have any advice, and I’ll be sure to let you know if I discover a magical cure.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!  :0)


P.S. – A peculiar witch dashes into the outlook.


About pinkleo

I am 24 years old, and blessed beyond measure by an amazing God. I have an incredible husband, Justin, and a daughter. We love the life God has given us, and strive to encourage others daily.

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