Big Changes Are Pretty Common


If you have followed me during the past, you know that changes are pretty common around the Kees household.  Something is always going on!  I realize it has been quite some time since I have posted last, so I need to do some updating.  Let me start out by telling you that I am back to working again.  By no means am I thrilled about it!  We believe that God desires for me to be at home with our daughter, but because of past mistakes and schooling, we have some debt that we really felt compelled to get paid off.  We felt like the only way this could be accomplished was to have two incomes, as my husband is a teacher/coach and does not make very much.  So that is what I spent my summer doing…job hunting and networking.  I did eventually get a job teaching.  We also decided to go ahead and put our daughter in school this year since I needed to work and couldn’t find work from home.  Let me just say that this has been the toughest 5 months of my life.  You can’t imagine the struggle I face day in and day out.  The reality for us has become that we no longer raise our child.  Her teachers, peers, and grandmother have become her primary caregivers it seems.  This is so devastating to me!  I leave her at 6:45am each morning, and do not see her until about 5:00pm that evening.  I know what you’re thinking, “I thought teachers got off early?”.  Well, they do…for the most part.  Because of the way my school works, and the fact that I’m a newbie and seem to have double the work load, I don’t get out of there until at least about 4:30 every afternoon.  This has left me stressed to the max, resulting in an unhappy teacher, an unhappy mama, an unhappy family, and an unhealthy mama.  It is amazing what we will put ourselves through to bring home the bacon.  It has gotten to the point that I have pretty much been ordered to find something else to do.  To add to the stress in our home, my husband is in search of a new job.  He is hopefull to find one that will allow us to follow the direction we feel God has given us.  He is not looking for a new job necessarily out of personal desire, but due to need.  As of May, he will be unemployed.  So needless to say, we are leaning heavily on God.  I am praying for a work from home position for myself, and a better paying position for my husband.  Sometimes I feel like all I do is ask for things from God.  I’ve been working really hard to just be thankful and praise him, no matter what my needs or wants may be.  I know as a mama myself, sometimes I get tired of being asked for things.  It is so nice to just hear a thank you every now and then.  So surely I figure our Father must feel the same every once in a while.  I think sometimes he just wants us to relax and praise him.  I know that can be easier said than done for us, but just think how much that must mean to Him knowing how much we struggle with giving up control.  I think it is important to always remember that He is in control, even when we think we are.

So as you can see, we have a lot changes around here…as usual I guess, and we have a lot of possible changes coming.  No matter what I know that God has it all in control…because lets face it, I sure don’t.

Thanks for reading today, and hopefully I can update you with those changes soon.  ;0)


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