C25K Week 4 Day 2


This morning’s run was slightly easier overall than yesterday’s, and we were able to run more than we had.  Now, that last 5 minute stint about killed me.  It was really tough!  Surely it will be a little easier tomorrow morning.  They are predicting rain for us here on Thursday, so I fear that we may miss a day of running this week.  This morning during our run, one of my neighbors came out for an early morning run as well.  She usually runs in the afternoons, but said with it getting so hot, she thought she might do better going in the mornings.  She told us that she just ran her first marathon in Feb. and that she is involved in a running group.  A running group sounds great, but we aren’t quite ready for something like that.  She was thrilled to see someone else out training like herself, and said we were def. doing it right.  That was nice to hear, because lets face it, sometimes we really doubt ourselves and what we are doing, esp. when it comes to running.  Sometimes I wonder if this program will really work for me and if I will ever work up to where I want to be.  So needless to say, her words were very comforting and encouraging for me.  The 5k my husband and I hope to run is in about a month.  I hope I can do it!  Then I would like to continue training to run the Mardi Gra Marathon with a friend of mine who is also training right now.  Of course I will keep everyone updated on it all.  Let’s just hope that my weight loss picks up this week!

67 days until Panama City Beach, FL!! 


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