C25K Week 4 Day 1


Well, todays run was def. harder than last week.  On the 5 minute run we only made 4 minutes, which irritated me.  We could have made it, but didn’t realize how close we were to finishing.  Oh well!  In total we ran 11 minutes today, compared to our 9 last week.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be 12.  Weight loss stood at a stand still last week, so lets hope that this week I can put up a good number.  I’m pretty disappointed about last week, so I really need that motivation again.

Just wanted to remind everyone to continue praying for Brandon Ryland’s family.  His funeral is today, and I can’t even imagine what his family must be feeling.  They def. need lots of prayers and support today, and in the days to come.  Thanks for remembering them!

Have a blessed day!


About pinkleo

I am 24 years old, and blessed beyond measure by an amazing God. I have an incredible husband, Justin, and a daughter. We love the life God has given us, and strive to encourage others daily.

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