C25K Week 3 Day 1


Oh-my-word!!!  This morning’s run was sooo hard!  I’ve been having shin splints pretty bad; mainly due to my super flat feet.  So this morning I decided rather than running in my usual Nike Flywires, I’d give my Nike Shocks a try.  Whoa…big…HUGE mistake!!  They were so heavy on my feet.  They made my legs her 10x more than the others had been.  So needless to say, I need to go to a running a store and let them tell me which shoes I need to be wearing.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on this, and have determined that I would do best with motion stability running shoes.  However, there are about a thousand different ones to choose from out there.  It is insane!  Not to mention that I don’t have $150 to go spend on a pair of shoes at the moment.  So…until then it looks like I’ll be making due with what I have, and lets pray the pain subsides sooner, rather than later. 

On a happier note, we ran almost 1/2 mile without stopping this morming.  That is our farthest yet!  I’m betting I could have done the whole thing if it wouldn’t have been for the terrible pain I was in.  It was rough; I just wanted to cry, but I pushed on through it.  Naturally though it was a slow push.  I am very hopeful that tomorrow morning goes much better.  Even so, I have lost 9lbs so fare!  I’m so thrilled!  My goal was to be at 10lbs lost by now, but that’s okay.

We have Peach Festival 5K coming in June, and I just hope that I can do it.  I’m honestly quite worried that I won’t have lost enough weight to be where I want by then.  You see, in order for the running to really get easier for me, I need to drop some pounds….some serious pounds preferably.  I would like to be able to run most of the 5K when it comes time.  Which being my first 5K, my goals are 1. to finish, 2. to not finish last, and 3. to run it in less than 40-42 minutes.  All I can do is keep working hard and praying hard I guess.

Have a blessed day!!!!


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