Journey to become a runner


Here in good ole Louisiana we had some rain last night, and early this morning.  Therefore, we did not get to go for our morning run.  I wasn’t exactly devastated by that considering I’m sick and very, very sore today.  It was nice to get to sleep in late this morning, but I knew I needed to get out and run.  I put my daughter in the stroller, all bundled up (seeing as how it was like 59 degrees here this morning), and took off.  It didn’t take long for me to feel the burn.  Needless to say, I didn’t do so hot.  I only made a mile, which resulted in me running about half of it total.  I was pretty disappointed, but realized it is very important for me to stay positive.  I mean it is only day 2 on this journey.  Later in the day I decided to do a little indoor walking workout to help supplement what I had lost this morning.  That seemed to help give me a little boost, and like my husband said, what I did was better than doing nothing.  That is so true!  I never thought about it like that before, but even the shortest, low intensity workout is always better than no workout.  I continue to pray that the Lord give me strength, knowledge, self-control, determination, and power to do this.  Although most days I want to cry when I look in the mirror, I know God gave me these struggles for a reason.  I know that if I draw near to him, rely on him, and just hang in there, I will make it through. 

I think it is important you know that I have lost weight before.  In high school I lost 35 pounds in just a few months.  So I know it can be done.  Of course it was much easier then; I was playing sports, had no real responsibilities, and healthy meals prepared for me daily.  Today it is a little more difficult with a family of my own, a busy schedule, and a lot me weight to shed this go around.  Some days I am very positive and it is easy to workout and eat right, and some days I really struggle.  Some days I just want to give in and say I’ll be fat and just learn to love who I am, just the way I am.  Then it’s like God says “Whoa!” and I realize that is so silly and weak.  I am not healthy, and this truely has nothing to do with me.  This journey is about getting healthy for my family and for my future health, as well as being a worthy temple for the presence of the Lord to dwell within.  Yes, this is hard.  It is very hard.  But I’m reminded that anything worth having/achieving in life does not come easily.  It’s like being a Christian; it is so hard to give up our old ways and relinquish control to God, and once we do follow him, it is even harder to live out the day to day struggles.  Even as Christians, we are only human and deal with the same temptations and problems as everyone else.  Every day we have to choose to say yes to God.  We have to choose to give up wordly things and do what honors God.  We have to choose to carry on our relationship with him.  We have to choose to sacrifice things for Him.  We have to choose what kind of life and what kind of example we will be for others.  It is all about choices, and the right choices don’t mean they’re easy choices.


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