Today’s coupon adventure


Today I went out for a little coupon/deal shopping.  I didn’t do great, but I didn’t come out too bad.  At target, I got free kids toothpaste thanks to a $1 off coupon plus a $1 off manufacturer’s coupon, I got Nivea body wash for $0.04 using a $3 off manufacturer’s coupon, and I got a Pixos set for my little sister’s birthday next year for $4.00.  These are just a few of the deals I hit there today.  (btw people…nows the time to be buying next winter’s clothing, esp. for your kids)  I also got some decent deals a Kroger this evening.  Now, keep in mind, this was without much planning today.  My goal next shopping trip is to save at least 50%.  I know, I know, that is nothing in comparison to what you guys and gals are seeing on television, but I’m just getting started so give me some time.  I don’t know that I’ll ever go extreme, but I plan on taking it up a few notches. 

Here are some must get deals for you:

1. Fleece Columbia Jackets are on clearance for $6 at Dillards (if there are any left)

2. $0.99 Dawn at Walgreens (and that is w/o the .25 off coupon)

3. Free colgate kids toothpaste at Target with $1 off coupon plus $1 off manuf. coupon

4. $0.04 Nivea women’s body wash with $3 off manuf. coupon

5. Target has a lot of toys on clearance this week (great for stocking the gift closet, or getting ahead on Christmas)

6. National Scrapbooking Month is in swing so be on the lookout for great scrapbooking item sales at your local Michaels and Hobby Lobby stores

From time to time I’ll give you guys the ‘pink’ on my couponing adventures, as well as where you can get some really great deals during the week.  If you are interested in couponing…go for it!  Start collecting those coupons from your paper inserts, as well as sites such as and  If you look, you can also find many sites out there dedicated to telling you exactly what is on sale where each week, and which coupons to use and items to stock up on.  Trust me…you will save a lot of money clipping those coupons!  Good Luck!

Peace, Love, & Pink


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