Homeschool vs Public School


Okay people…here is the latest family debate in our household.  Do we homeschool, or send our kids to public school.  Now, keep in mind we live in Louisiana, and both my husband and myself have been, and are currently on the inside of the public school system.  I was teaching, and my husband is teaching currently.  So we know all about the good, the bad, and the ugly that so many parents and community members don’t know about.  Ultimately it is our desire to God’s will in our family’s life.  However, it is nice to get the thoughts of others on the topic. Below are some pros and cons to each, based on my personal opinions and beliefs.  Please keep in mind that these opinions reflect only our family’s school district;  it does not mean that every district has the same pros and cons.

 Here are some pros to public school:  diverse socialization, both parents are free to work if all children are in school,  the children are doing the “normal” things,  can be involved in the different school activities and clubs. 

Okay, here are the public school cons:  large classroom size, school begins very early, overall apathetic board and administration, other people are basically raising your children,  you can never be sure when your child’s education is lacking, children are exposed to corrupt, secular things,  kids are taught evolution, etc., grading is not always accurate (i.e. social promotion, no child receives less than a 50% on an exam), system is very unstable.

Homeschooling pros:  You can offer your children an education based on core family values, Students are not in one room behind a desk all day learning, You are able to offer more hands-on learning, more “field trips”, parents know exactly what is going on with their child’s education, you can set your own schedule based on your child’s personal learning methods and abilities, some students may be able to finish high school a little early to move on in their careers/schooling, students are typically 1-2 grade levels above other kids their age, kids aren’t exposed to inappropriate things to early in life, students are able to be very involved in the community, there are many support groups and conferences for homeschool families

Homeschooling cons:  Parents must be disciplined and capapble of teaching material or the student will fall behind or have gaps in their education, cost could become an issue, students are unable to participate in public school activities, if parents are not wise the student could end up lacking credits needed to recieve TOPS if the student wishes to attend college

I’m sure many of us can come up with many more items for each list, depending on our beliefs and ideas.  I have been doing my research so that I can make an educated decision for my family.  I am pro homeschooling because of my beliefs.  My husband is currently on the fence about the subject.  He can see the good in both,but is just trying to seek out God’s will.  So far all of the reseach I have found states that homeschooled students score higher on standardized test, have better grades overall, and score higher in the socialization area than do kids who attend public school.  Homeschooled kids have also been shown to have higher goals and achieve more in their lifetime than those in public school.  Again, I stress that I am NOT trying to persuade anyone in any way;  I simply want to put my thoughts out there and get the thoughts of others on the topic.  It is always nice to get some outside perspective.  This is a topic very heavy on our minds now that our daughter is approaching school age.  This is a choice we have dreading having to make, just because you want what is best for your children.  We have faith that God will show us exactly which way we need to go with this.

Please feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. You did a very good job weighing the pros and cons of both. Whatever decision you make, you will have thought it through and made the best choice for your family!

    I have homeschooled my children for 6 years now, and I just wanted add that everyone is going to have gaps in their education. Public school students jump between teachers every year, and although they have state standards not every child is going to pick up everything. Each child is unique in their talents and personality, and so I believe that focusing on those strengths will in the end make a more well-rounded person. Why teach a standardized curriculum across the board? Homeschooling gives you the option to personalize the curriculum to each child.

    I have seen my children come alive and beg to do more “school” because it is something they are deeply passionate about. They might not know a lot about physics or chemistry, but they know all the Greek myths and can tell you why Charlemagne was a significant figure in the transition from Roman to European cultures. And those passions can lead to fulfilling jobs in anthropology, historical research, literature, writing, etc.

    On the other hand, homeschooling is not a light decision, and those that make it so tend to not be as dedicated in the long-term. Each family has to take the path best suited for them!

    -Aadel in KS

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