Costume Hunt


So I think by now most everyone I know understands that I LOVE holidays.  Therefore in true mommy fashion I am already on the hunt for my daughter’s Halloween costume for this year.  If you haven’t picked up on yet, I’m the type that spends all year planning birthday parties, start purchasing Christmas gifts six months early, and begins the costume hunt in July.  Maybe it seems a little crazy, but I tend to save more money that way.  For example, we have 20 Christmas gifts to buy, not counting those between myself, my husband, and daughter, or Santa gifts…yet I have never spent over 560.00 total on Christmas gifts.  I shop the sales year round, saving big bucks; and we give great gifts, not five dollar watches from the dollar store.  Now, I’m not knocking those types of gifts…I’m just saying we purchase good, high quality gifts for people.  So this is why I’m looking for a Halloween costume so early, not to mention there are SOO many choices.

Any ideas?


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