Bring on the rain


blooming_in_the_rainHere in good ‘ole Louisiana we have all begun our days, and ended them, singing that well-known kid’s tune, “rain-rain, go away…”.  Day in and day out we have been forecasted for rain.  Rain of all kinds too; fat rain, heavy rain, light rain, a little rain, and lots of rain.  Obviously we try not to hold any prejudices against our rain here in this part of the country.  However, I have to say that as much as I usually appreciate the rain showers, I’m pretty sick of all the rain at this point.

Being the wife of a football coach is a great thing, except for times like now when it all it does it rain.  Just picture those friday night lights beaming down on two teams going full-speed on a mud field.  No grass, no turf, just good ‘ole mud.  To top it off the stands are packed with people hunkered down under umbrellas, which block your view of the game.  You get cold, wet, and at the end of the game…muddy.  Not the most pleasant experience if I do say so myself.  However, I am a huge supporter and fan of my husband and those Tioga Indians he helps lead to victory, so all I have to say is “bring on the rain”.  A poncho, good pair of rain boots, and an umberella will get me through one soggy football game after the other.  Rain, shine, sleet, or snow you can find me in those stands each and every Friday night cheering on our team.


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