Trendy Halloween Costumes


Today I have decided to voice my opinion on the “trendy” Halloween costumes available to the public at a very high price.  In case you have failed to notice, the idea of Halloween has become increasingly distorted in today’s times.  Maybe that sounds a little harsh, but let me begin by saying that I was born in 1987 and am a mere 22 years old.  Obviously I haven’t been around too terribly long, but I would say long enough to take notice of things.  I can remember being a little girl, and even as a teenager, going out on Halloween night and seeing quite a variety of costumes.  From infants to the elderly, everyone had on some great costumes.  Getting to see everyone dressed up as someone else has always been a highlight of the holiday for me.  I never recall seeing anyone dressed in a ‘sexy’ costume, or a ‘trashy’ costume.  The costumes were always very modest and cute.  Apparently those times have changed.  I can’t go into a store selling Halloween costumes with seeing too large a section selling ‘sexy’ costumes to not only adults, but children.  And never mind last Halloween!  You would not believe how many little girls, ages 5-12, that were dressed in these “sexed-up” costumes.  “Hello moms!  Where are you?”  Isn’t it usually the parent who goes with the child to choose the costume for the year, or who orders it online?  I can’t imagine what must go through a parent’s mind in allowing their young daughter to dress so provocatively, even if it is Halloween.  I understand that adults like to have their parties and dress in these ‘sexy’ costumes, but please people, let’s save those for the “Adults Only” parties.  Kids have enough sexuality thrown at them now days.  It is all over the television, the radio, at school….I could go on and on.  Parents are designated by God to lead their children, and to train them up in the ways of the Lord.  Even if your family isn’t a Christian family, “Where are the morals?” I ask you.  We allow our children to dress like this, even if it is just Halloween as many people try to defend their choices, yet when we hear about 9-year-old children having sex or being pregnant we are appalled.  Why should you be so shocked?  No matter if it is one night, or every single day, if you allow it, you are promoting it.  These are little girls!  Let them keep all the innocence they can for as long as they can! 

Now, on a lighter note, I have to say that the costume selection for infants, toddlers, and children is very slim.  Typically infants can be animals or a princess, and that about covers it.  For toddlers, it is princesses and witches for girls, and action figures or sports for boys.  Of course the animal costume is unisex.  The kid’s section doesn’t offer much more; some princess costumes, a ladybug or bumblebee, or a witch for the girls, and for boys its action figures, sports, vampires, or ghosts.  Just about any store you go into, especially Spirit of Halloween, offers twice as many adult costumes than infant to child combined.  Of course everyone enjoys dressing up for Halloween, even I do, but isn’t Halloween more geared toward the children?  I know it use to be.  Being a parent myself now, and seeing how times have changed, I’m seeing that the true art of Halloween is becoming a lost art.

Here are a few examples of those ‘sexy’ costumes they want our daughters to wear:

devil delight costumeThis costume is geared at tweens, titled Devil Delight.

pirate hottie costumeThis too is a costume geared at tween girls, titled Pirate Hottie.

These are just two example from  However, they are two of many.  If ever you saw an adult out dressed in a costume of the sort, you would call her a slut.  Yet, somehow we have managed to allow the industry to revamp our innocent children into something much more risque; dare I say ‘sluts’.  And I am not the only one who has taken notice of this new trend in costumes.  Check out this article that Newsweek did on the subject:   This article was written two years ago, yet this industry continues bringing in a bigger profit every year with the sales of these costumes.

To think that parents thought those Bratz dolls were a bit much.  We really need to step back and take a look at who is raising our children…us, or the media.  The media and practically every industry in existence now, pushes the idea ‘to be hot’.  These are just kids! 


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  2. My Son Loved it for Halloween

    We ordered this for my son as his Halloween costume since he had been talking about going as an astronaut since we went to the Air and Space Museum in DC this past summer. It came a day or 2 before the scheduled delivery date, and it also arrived in perfect condition. He loved it , so we loved it.

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