New Orleans


New Orleans and Mother's Day 193New Orleans was amazing to say the least!  We stayed at the Omni Royal Hotel just a couple of blocks from the French Quarter.  The hotel was very nice, but wanted to charge us for everything.  Even after we left they charged $8.00 to our account for drinks they ‘accused’ us of taking from the mini bar.  Of course we did not do this…who would pay $3 for a can coke, or $6 for a bottle of water??  Not I!!  So needless to say, we called and made sure they understood that we didn’t drink anything from the room b/c we brought our own drinks.  Aside from that mishap, we had a wonderful time.  The Biven wedding on Saturday was beautiful.  It was a smaller affair, but so very beautiful!  We spent Friday night and all day Saturday out at the French Quarter.  Friday night we checked out Bourbon Street and ate dinner at the Cajun Cabin.  It was wonderful!  On Saturday we did a lot of sight seeing and shopping.  We also went to the Aquarium and saw the IMAX film Hurricane On The Bayou.  I hated to leave the city…I LOVED it!  However, it was time to get my child  She stayed with her Mimi and PawPaw.  The culture in New Orleans is incredible.  It is by far the most intriging place I have ever seen in my life.  The music and the art there just leaves me speechless.  I love the whole atmosphere of it.  I’m not a Bourbon Street party girl, but southern Louisiana offers life that no other place does.  I could just picture myself going running along the riverwalk in the mornings, and taking my classes on field trips to the aquarium and zoo, or out to the marsh areas of Louisiana to do some hands-on learning.  It just offers so much to people!New Orleans and Mother's Day 073


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I am 24 years old, and blessed beyond measure by an amazing God. I have an incredible husband, Justin, and a daughter. We love the life God has given us, and strive to encourage others daily.

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