New Orleans Bound


nolaFriday, May 8, we will be leaving for a weekend in New Orleans.  We are going for a friend’s wedding on Saturday in LaPlace.  I am very excited because I have never been to New Orleans.  EVER!!  I can’t wait to see it all!  We are staying at the Omni Royal Hotel which is just like minutes for almost everything!  I am counting down the days until we are able to leave.  The only down side is that we will be leaving our little girl for those days that we will be gone.  Everyone always tells me how good it is for us to get away on our own and all, but I miss her so much.  I hate leaving her anywhere!  The fun part about it is that our reunion on Sunday is also Mother’s Day, so it couldn’t be more perfect.  Our plan is to get up on Saturday morning and go to Cafe Du Monde, then do some sight seeing.  We want to try to get to the Aquarium that day before the wedding.  I have a feeling once we go, I’ll def. want to return again.  I can’t wait to get us all packed up and ready to go!


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