Countin Down


So today is Thursday.  This means that I have one more day left in the week.  This also means that next week is finals week.  Maybe it is just me, but it really seems like this semester EVERYTHING has been crammed into the last 3 weeks of school.  I am running on empty!  Being a procrastinator does not help at all!  I am an English major, which means that most finals are essays, and there is always a research paper due at the end of the semester for each class.  Of course I always manage to wait until the night before it is due to write it.  Therefore, I have not slept at all this week.  I do this to myself semester after semester, year after year.  The only diff. this time is that I have like twice as much work to do as I usually do.  At 2:00 today I have a final, tomorrow I have an oral exam in espanol.  I have turned in 2 papers, take 2 quizes, 1 test and done 1 presentation so far this week.  Next week I have 1 paper to turn in, and like 3 tests.  “What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.”  Guess I’ll figure that one out for myself.  If I am still alive come next Friday…I will be a very, very strong person!  (lol)   For all the others out there in this same situation at this time…GOOD LUCK!!  I hope you can keep your sanity because I feel I may have lost mine.  If I have not lost my mind yet, I may very well do so this week.


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